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Implant Tourism to Germany


Dental Implant Treatment in Germany


Welcome to our 36 dental cad-g dentists and surgeons in Germany.

Our highly skilled German dentists, implant surgeons and their clinic teams are pleased to introduce you to our German implant technologies, All on Four ® and All on Six ® solutions in Germany3D navigated implantation and latest sedation treatment, full anaesthetics for dental anxiety/ dental fear and metal free crown or bridge solutions in best available quality and material.

This German dentists offer root canal treatment with dental microscopes, immediate loaded implants, one day implants, teeth in an our and other well known technologies in several cities in Germany.

All laboratory works is done in Germany in a German master laboratory in Lubeck. We also offer affordable solutions in cooperation with a laboratory in Izmir, Turkey since many years.

One implant including implantation, material, dental treatment and lab works is avalable from 1.500.- EUR, all included. Mini-Implants including new individual denture from 2.800.- EUR lower jaw and 3.400.- EUR upper jaw.

The CAD-G philosophy is natural design, ] metal free restorations, German technologies and a low price.

A patient with dental fear / dental anxiety can choose between many different kinds of sedation, from laughing gas to full anaesthetic. 3D navigated implantation is very often a faster way to solve a problem with implants.


Metal Free Implants - Immediate Loaded

Information and German implant news: Dental Lab Germany - Dental Treatment

Dental Instruments - Technician -Lab - Impression Trays - Abdruckloeffel - Dentallabor Luebeck

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Welcome and thank you for considering our services. Dental implants are very expensive. A price comparison for dental treatment and implants surgery can save a lot of money. German dentists and implant surgeons are well know for quality, latest technologies and immdiate loaded implants, like " Teeth in an hour" or "One day implants". Operation with laser instead of knife ( " No flaps, no cut, no blood") is a reason for people with dental anxiety / dental fear.  A perfect and healthy Hollywood Smile is very important to be confident in your appearance. Implants Germany - Centers for affordable Denistry in London CAD-G office, German CAD-G Office and Switzerland CAD-G office London.  It also plays an important role in your quality of living; so let us give you the gift of a sparkling smile through whitening, veneers, porcelain restorations and other state-of-the-art procedures with the highest quality and inexpensive prices in Germany. We are happy to inform you about our brandnew London- Office. Compare your prices, come over to Germany and save your money.

Please visit also your German Xilit Shop in northern Germany


DENTAL IMPLANTS FROM £1.350 - No hidden fees!



CEREC 3D - CERAMIC FILLINGS - from £290 - no more impressions





Come over to Germany and make your dream of a perfect smile come true. German dental education, precision and trustworthiness are reliable, affordable and well known worldwide. The highest level of professional dental treatment in Germany is accessible in most of the German dental clinics. German Dentistry you can rely on. Compare your estimate in London, Dublin, Glasgow to our prices in several cities in Germany.



Affordable German Dentistry and Implant Surgery:


Dental services includes Implantology, conservative and aesthetic  or cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, endodontics, prophylaxis, prosthetics, dental surgery, periodontics, and dental hygiene. ( Metal free dentistry / Metal free dental implants / 3 D )

No payment in advance, no hidden fees. German dental services, you can rely on.




Computer navigated implantation - NobelGuide - Simplant -  CT-Scan.


We are well capable of identifying the best implant surgeons and German dentists with the best education, most advanced equipments and innovative facilities for your needs. We are in cooperation with highly recommended dentists and specialists for implants in Germany. Even tricky sinus-lift, bone - augmentation and bone - grafting procedures are common in many of our CAD-G practices in Germany.



We always make your visit comfortable and as short as possible. In order to offer relaxed and safe dental tourism with pleasure we have close cooperation with different hotels that provide budget, average to 5 star accommodations. Visit us again, we will open several new CAD-G offices in Berlin, London, Paris, Scandinavia and Dublin, London, Leskow.


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German Dental Lab offers Dental Implant Tourism to Germany

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Dental ImplantsHeino Merten will inform you about German dentists and dental implants in 34 German cities. He has 40 years experience in the dental field.

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Dr. Detlef Schulz is our German representative.Dental Implants He will answer your questions regarding German dentistry and implant treatment in Germany.
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Metal free dentistry.

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