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Your guide to single-visit CEREC dentistry in Germany 


We offer an option to have your new metal free fillings and crowns manufactured and fitted during a single visit within one or two hours. T

Latest technologies, painless treatment and metal free restorations, made in Germany.

CEREC FILLINGS AND CROWNS from 290.- EUR only. No hidden fees,

Comparing to common fillings, CEREC  enables us to design, fabricate and fit a new crown, veneer, onlay or inlay in one consultation only.

Lab-Side fillings normally take at least two weeks.

Cerec Dentist in Germany tl_files/cerec1.jpg
CEREC computerised design unit (left), and milling unit (right)



Your dentist will do the preparation of your tooth by little rotating diamond burs. Instead of the impressions he is generating a virtual 3D image by special CEREC equipment. In the next step the filling or crown is designed on the computer-screen. After sending the computer-file to a milling machine  which will fabricate your new tooth from a high-quality ceramic block, the milling process will need up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

No problem for this technology to meet your individual shade.. The CEREC-filling will match the color of your surrounding teeth.

It is easily possible to stain it by individual colors. Before fixing the filling it can be glazed in a furnace or polished by rotating brushes.

By special cement and glue your crown or filling is  cemented iin the little cavity in your tooth or on the preparated surface,




Why  CEREC in Germany?


Your benefits with the CEREC technology:


One single visit only  

Only one little injection

No temporary filling or crown needed

No impression necessary


How much does this cost?

CEREC fillings from 290.- EUR up to 450.- EUR for a crown with individual shape and color.

We will compare for you and find the most inexpensive way to save your money and your teeth.


ASK Dr. Hoch

Dental ImplantsDr. Michael Hoch is happy to answer your questions about your dental health and care.




Dentist Dr. Hoch
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