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New methods if you´ve lost your teeth


If you have lost one or more teeth in the past, destroyed by decay or even if the teeth are dark or discoloured, then there was only the possibility for the dentist to pull these teeth. In these cases the patient has to wear a complete denture. These days are over, today there are better methods. The crowning of the teeth is one of the most effective ways. The healthy teeth are not affected, only the dropped out or unsightly teeth get a crown. The tooth is thus preserved and supported and retains its original shape and contour.



But there are other useful reasons of crowning the teeth: If the teeth are weakened for example by a long root canal treatment or if one or more teeth are crooked in the jaw. In this case of a treatment with a brace is no longer possible then crowns are often the only option. With modern dental crowns the bite is impaired in any way, and the crowned teeth are well fitted into the rest of the teeth. However crowns are not only practical but also very aesthetic.



Bridges are a different but an equally effective way to replace teeth. Bridges are used when one or several teeth need to be replaced. This is a proven and very gentle method for a beautiful smile, even if the bite is no longer completely.



Bridges are always a perfect solution when it comes to permanent tooth replacement. They are very comfortable to wear and in no way interfere with chewing. Other people will not notice that you wear a bridge, because dental bridges are very discreet.



If you need a bridge or false teeth you should have two or more healthy teeth. A bridge may fill up to four teeth. The prerequisite however are healthy and stable teeth to serve virtually as a bridge abutment. They hold the bridge and set up a way of preventing that prosthesis should be. Bridges are sitting perfectly in the mouth and can not be moved by themselves. Bridges should ensure that it is also possible to have a bright smile even in the loss of teeth.


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