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Dental Anxiety Treatment in Germany - Dental Phobia


German dentist are very sympathetic to your dental anxiety. A perfect way to forget about dental fear and solve your teeth problems. Ask for immediate loaded implants for customers with dental fear.


Dental anxiety usually comes from a history of some traumatic dental experience. When we ask people when they started being afraid of the dentist, they often tell us about a childhood dentist who didn't use novocain, or one who refused to listen and just kept on going even when the novocain didn't work.


Many German dentists and dental clinics in Germany offer sedation or full anaesthetic, that you can have a peaceful sleep during your treatment. And don't be ashamed of your situation. We have seen many patients just like you. We can help.



Treating dental anxiety


We have a number of tools to deal with your dental anxiety. We can do everything from basic gentle care up to immediate loaded implants or metal free dentistry.


Patients quickly sense that our dentists and oral surgeons care and try very hard to make the visit painless.


But if this isn't enough, don't feel embarrassed to use sedation dentistry. Many dentists charge hundreds of dollars extra when you have sedation. CAD dentists, however, doesn't want to put any obstacles in your way if you feel that you need oral sedation, so there is no extra charge for this service in our office.


If you need a stronger level of sedation, we can also use i.v. sedation. To provide this, we bring in a board-certified German anesthesiologist. This anesthesiologist does charge you a separate fee, but if you need this, we will be happy to provide this service with our treatment.


Our Dental Anxiety Network is a  community of professional German dentists, dental labs, German implant ind and implants surgeons within Germany interested in dental anxiety management. Join our network to meet our  professionals from a variety of backgrounds (dentistry, psychology, research etc.) and exchange ideas, get help, and network with people with similar interests. The Dental Anxiety Network websites also provides a resources section. Dental fear can be history. We can assist you to get back your smile.



Forget Dental Phobia, enjoy our services, have a great time in our country and ask about the latest German technologies.



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