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Do mini implants last forever or how long do they last?


There is no guarantee how long any implant will last since so many of the factors that need to be considered in order to determine how long an implant will last. 

The term "permanent" is not correct regarding  to any medical or dental device. Nothing has been proven in medicine or dentistry that guarantees to last forever.  The saying "long term" is much more reliable when it comes to any dental appliance.


Some mini implants which were inserted in 1975 are still in use and properly healed to the bone.  Mini implants have been commonly used only since the year 2000, after they were approved for long term use by the FDA. 


Dental Implants - What if the patient is a heavy smoker?


Patients who smoke are MUCH much more in risk to experience implant failure.  Smoking affects the blood circulation, of course, a factor in preventing the healing process. 


If you are interested, we will find an German implant surgeon

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We have  a list of doctors who have had the proper education.  You can find a doctor in our German database ar ask us for assistance.



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