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Healthy teeth for children


Everyone who has children would like to have the teeth of the children stay healthy for a long time. It is important that even small children learn how to brush their teeth properly. It is not difficult to persuade children to brush their teeth. A funny little toothbrush and a playful approach makes not only the children happy, it keeps children's teeth healthy and beautiful in the long run. It is also important to go with the children to the dentist regularly because that is the only way the teeth are perfectly saved. But there are other modern methods to protect children's teeth against dental decay.





A modern way to protect healthy teeth of children is fissure sealants. This is a thin protective layer of plastic, which is applied to the chewing surfaces of molars, and the occlusal surfaces are perfectly sealed. This will prevent the bacteria from penetrating through the fine skiffs in the teeth and cause tooth decay.



Sealants are a good preventive measure against tooth decay especially in the places the toothbrush can not reach. The coating of plastic seals the chewing surfaces and thereby acts as a barrier that prevents plaque and tartar.



Fissure sealing is a very simple, uncomplicated, and painless method and the dentist usually needs a few minutes per tooth. Beforehand the teeth are thoroughly cleaned and then prepared with a special solution, which must dry afterwards. After that the dentist takes the liquid sealant to the chewing surfaces of teeth and under a special lamp, it needs to harden.



A fissure sealant should always be fixed to the permanent teeth for several years, but can also be repeated for several times.



Fissure sealing is the perfect opportunity to safe children's teeth healthy for a long time.


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