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Implant Tourism to Germany


Want to know more about Immediate Loaded Implants in Germany?



 Available in Munich, Berlin, Bocholt, Nuremberg and Luebeck

We are happy to announce the latest German technologies - Teeth in an Hour or One day Implants - MDI Mini Implants

Metal free Zirkonia Implants which include metal free bridges 

Inexpensive regular Titanium implants in more than 30 cities. 



Our cooperation has more than 60 implant surgeons in 34 German cities.

Regular implants start at the cost of 1.400.- EUR (all inclusive)

Zirkonia are Metal free implants and start at 1.800.- EUR (all inclusive)

MDI-Mini - Implants which include new denture at a price of 2.000.- EUR

German CAD - G agency:  0049 451 7907041


We offer Dental tourism to Germany (Cruise with a Smile)

We will offer you Special hotel arrangements, sightseeing tours and any assistance you need. You will be pampered and taken care of.


Teeth in an HourImmediate loaded Implants

About the One Hour Dental Implants - Immediate loaded

Cost start at 1.800. - EUR

In the price is included: Titanium Implant, Metal Free Zirkonium Implant, Temporary Crown and Permanent Crown

The "One hour Implant" technique is an innovative and successful way today how people around the world can get their dental implants done.  It doesn't matter what you decide to have - a Titanium implant or one of the latest metal free implants made out of Zirkonia.  If anyone is missing teeth, implants are a great way to fix the problem.  However, a fact is that implants can be expensive and the procedure is time consuming.  Often the process takes from 6 to 18 months and includes multiple surgeries.  This must not be the case, as here in Germany with our super qualified German CAD-G dentists.  Getting a "One hour Implant", the patients will not have to wait several months until they get their teeth.  The day your implant surgery will take place, you are going to leave the office with a temporary crown or a bridge attached to your implant.  Only four weeks later the permanent crown can be attached.


The "One day Implant" technique can be used in the following cases: 

If a single teeth needs replacement

If multiple teeth need replacement

If you get extractions on the same day

If you need to secure your existing dentures

What exactly is the difference between same day implants and the traditional implants?

 The traditional implants procedure will follow these steps:

In the first surgery the oral surgeon will expose the jaw bone and drills a 6 to 7 mm hole in order to insert a 4 mm titanium post.  You will need a waiting period of approximately 2 to 6 months until your bone grows around the post.  In the second surgery the oral surgeon exposes the tip of each post and then will attach the crown.  In case that a bone craft is needed another surgery would be performed before the titanium post is added which takes another 1 to 2 month before it heals.  This is a very standard procedure, because traditional implants will only be inserted vertically.


One hour Implants or the fully loaded implant method

When the surgeon starts with his procedure, he will drill a hole through the gum and jaw bone.  Next he is going to insert a 4mm titanium post that looks like a screw.  The patient will receive light pain medication such as local anesthesia or Ibuprofen.  After the post has been inserted, a temporary tooth is placed on the tooth.  This procedure takes alone 15-20 minutes.  The titanium post is from the start very safe, so you do not have to worry.   The patient really needs to take care of his temporary tooth.  At this time he shouldn't be allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, carrots and apples so that the bone can heal and attach to the post.  After a waiting period of 30 days to three months the patient can have his permanent crown in place.  If the patient decides to have a tramonte implant and his bone structure is ok, then the transplant can be inserted directly above the tooth that is missing.  Is the implant set in an angle, it is a good foundation for bone drafting.



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