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Implant Tourism to Germany




CAD-G - Dental tourism to Germany


It is the most common delusion to be fooled into thinking that dental care in Germany is costly in comparison with other countries like Poland and Hungary. The German law for medical hygiene, medicine, CE sign and many other certifications are an added security.


The emergent network of English speaking CAD-G practices in Germany is utilized by customers from all over the world. So why not use the services of our highly educated German dental professionals and outstanding and innovative German implant treatments?  



  • 3D Diagnosis, Immediate Loaded Implant (Teeth in an Hour / One Day Implants) are available in many German cities.
  • Computer navigated implantation surgery like Nobel Biocare ( Nobel Guide ) Simplant, Codiagnostics and well known Implant Systems like Straumann, 3i Osseotite, Camlog, Astra and many other are in common practice in Germany.
  • Especially German holistic dentists are using metal free implant systems ( Z-Lock - Z-Systems ) with full ceramic crowns and bridges. Material is CAD/CAM milled Zirkonium or Alumina.
  • Compare with Hungary, Poland and other eastern European countries: Metal free Implants are available in Germany from 1.800. - EUR (Everything included).
  • A regular Titanium implant costs from 1.400. - EUR (surgery, dentistry and lab-works). No hidden fees.
  • MDI Mini Implants, the long-term solution for loose dentures costs from 2.000.- EUR (Everything included).
  • Laser treatment allows the implantation within an hour without any cuts, flaps or blood because there is no use of knife in this dental treatment. This is the most appropriate method as Implants are inserted with the laser.
  • Cerec Computer-milled ceramic fillings are available from 290.- EUR in a German dental-clinic or dental practice.
  • A professional cleaning is available from 50. - EUR including initial examination, treatment plan and detailed cost estimate are free of any charge.
  • Panoramic x-ray 50.- EUR
  • CT scans at a price of 120. - EUR.


Bite registration, planning models, panoramic x-ray, estimate and treatment plan: 250.- EUR


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