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Why should I look into metal-free dentistry and laboratory options?


Beautiful and long lasting metal free solutions


In many countries, the most of the fillings are still not metal free. Many dentists are still using silver and copper alloy or amalgam with mercury.

Using mercury in  Germany has been  restricted or proscribed the use of mercury based fillings. Metal free crowns and bridges are manufatured in

CAD/CAM technology and made in Zirconia, Alumina or pressable and computer - milled full ceramics. ( Read about the CEREC technology - Sirona ).

Why should I pay a lot of money for gold alloy, when better and metal free options are already offered worldwide.



The benefit of metal free dental restoration:

  • No more unpleasant allergies
  • No dark shadows visible on the gum line of crowns or bridges
  • No electric energy between different alloys
  • No no metal taste and toxicity
  • Excellent aesthetic qualities and perfect fittings
  • Natural look and bio-compatible results
  • Greater longevity of the permanent solution



Most of the patients would choose metal-free dentistry if available and affordable. In Germany  dentists are devoting time to removing  metal restorations.

replacing them with biocompatible ceramics. As precious alloys like gold and platinum are very expensive, it is an additional benefit to save money with this choice.


High performance ceramic and zirconia is used in Germany in conjunction with computer guided implant technology. This new and minimal invasive treatments is transforming the practice of dentistry and the manufacture of prosthetic appliances in most of the German dental laboratories.

The precision of a German master technician will ensure an excellent fitting and a perfect aesthetical result.


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