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Implant Tourism to Germany



What all needs to be done before you travel  to Germany


When you first decide to get mini -  implants, the first thing you need to do is to schedule a visit during which the dentist gets the necessary information from you and explains what you can expect.  In CAG-G offices, this visit is at no costs. If you agree, the dentist will generally take a panoramic  x-ray,  which allow him to see the amount of bone you have available, and determines which size of implant is the correct one for you.  


CAD-G dentists charge 50.- EUR for this x-rays, but will include the costs into their final bill, if you agree with treatment plan and estimate.  In a very few cases, the amount or quality of bone structure is not good even for mini implants.  


We will check your old denture if it is suitable to receive mini-implant housings with o-rings.  The housings stay permanently in the denture and are responsible to engage the implants.  The dentist will reline the old denture with soft reline material, if the denture is not suitable to receive housings.


If the patient is a good candidate for mini-implants , he/she will receive all the information needed in order to decide if he/she really wants to have the procedure done, and then the patient will sign an informed consent document.


The day of the surgery in Germany


On the pictures you see the placement of six mini implants to retain an upper denture.  It is not always possible to place six implants, because of the following reasons. 


At the beginning in case that the patient has been toothless for a very long time, bone resorption could have reduced the bone offer, which needs to be available in order  to retain a MDI mini implant.


Sometimes, the vertical bone may not be enough, because of the vicinity of the maxillary sinuses or the mandibular canal.  The sinuses are necessary holes that occupy space in the jawbone above the roots of the natural back teeth.  In some people the sinuses are quite large.  As a result they may extend too far forward, so that the placement of mini implants posterior to the original location of the canine teeth cannot be done.  The mandibular canal includes the neurovascular bundle which is responsible for the feeling of the lower teeth and lips. The canal is placed  under the roots of the lower teeth.



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