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Dentist- Travemunde

2010-06-21 10:49

Travemunde near Lubeck : Painless Treatments in a dental practice. Dental Fear Treatment in Germany.


Many people have fear, that a treatment of the gum or the root has to cause pain.

That is totally wrong. Dr. Nils Tittel is using local anaesthetics in a way, that is able to prevent pains. Any human being is has individual feelings and emotions. Some need more anaesthetics, some less. With this painless injections the brain has no contact to your nervs in teeth and gum. Perhaps you can feel a little pressure or hear the typical dentist noises. Dental fear, the so called dental mor oral anxiety is very common worldwide. Many dentists in Germany try to help people, who suffer with this problem.

This dentist is well known for treating people with dental fear and speaks English fluently.


If you have a phobia regading syringes and injections, you can choose between full anaesthesia and hypnosis. A reliable relation to the patient is a main reason for dental tourism to Germany.


Dental Treatment without pain. A perfect reason to travel to Germany.

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