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2010-07-08 13:10

Cerec Germany - Sirona Dental

CEREC CROWNS AND FILLINGS - Cerec Germany - Sirona Dental


Did you ever read or hear about metal free crowns and bridges without any metal frame? This could be the CEREC technology. Many cosmetic dentists in Germany are using this unit, to reduce the number of visits in the German practice to one time only.   CEREC is scanning the tooth in your mouth. An impression is not needed anymore.


The computer is costructing the filling or crown in your tooth shape and color and a machine is milling you brandnew smile.   CEREC is a perfect way to reduce the visits for patients with orals phobia or dental fear / dental anxiety. Some of this dentists even have a special education, special sedation to make it possible to be treated carefully.  


If you need additional information regarding this CAD/CAM system and dental treatment in Germany, feel free to send us an e-mail: , call us personally during our office hours: 0049 451 7907041 or ask for a free callback-service.   One CEREC filling is available from 290.- EUR ( about EUR 270  USD 365  or GBP 241 - 8.7.2010 ). No hidden fees!   German precision and know how is known worldwide.

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