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Luebeck : Metal free fillings for damaged teeth. Cerec 3D. Ask your German dentist

2010-06-23 09:04

Karies and damaged teeth have to be treated

Why not ask for a treatment without any impression just in one visit with the CEREC 3D technology in Germany. The dentists ist carefully removing the damaged material, scans your tooth by camera and laser and a CAD/CAM unit is milling your inlay or filling in a very short time. The fitting is extremely accurate. Ceremic fillings are very hard and can last for a lifetime, if you take care of your teath and oral health. Day for day your teeth have to stand the daily use, pressure sweets and junk-food. The material has to be biological neutral to prevent allergies and sickness. Example can be Amalgam and the Quicksilver problem.


The fitting has to be very properly, as bacterias should have no chance to live between tooth and filling. The colour has to individual and the shape like a natural tooth.


White invisible fillings made by the latest CEREC 3D technology is a perfect choice for you and your oral health. Even people , who are scared about a visit in a dental practice ( dental fear or oral anxiety ) can find a short and painless way for a treatment with this system.

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