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Tooth Whitening – Power Bleaching in Germany – 240.- EUR all included !


We make your  dream of a bright smile come true in Germany!


The smile and thus the teeth are the first thing we look at when we meet other people. That first smile says a lot about a person and gives a first impression. This first impression was known to be the best impression that we get from a different person.


But if you are not satisfied with the colour or with the whole appearance of your teeth, then you should not despair, because there are many ways to change that and make your teeth appear again in a new radiant glow.


A beautiful smile with white teeth is a win for every personality. Whitening of the teeth is the quickest, safest and most effective way to change the look positively. In a practice with modern treatment methods and latest technologies, your teeth can be lightened up to eight shades and that with only one visit. Whitening of the teeth is completely painless but the results speak for themselves. You leave the practice with a completely new and radiant smile.


Whitening of the teeth is happening in various steps. First, your teeth are cleaned thoroughly and then prepared for treatment. The whitening gel is applied, following very carefully to teeth and then irradiated by a dentist for 20 minutes with a blue light. The effect of this light is that the gel is activated on the teeth. The last two steps are repeated twice and then it has finally happened: you leave the practice with white teeth and a bright brand new smile.



Of course, you can also stay after the treatment, sit quietly, relax a bit, watch again and again your new smile in the mirror, and enjoy it.



There are many reasons why teeth become dark or discoloured over time. The consumption of tea, coffee and red wine for example can be the reasons for this. However, smoking or taking medications are responsible that the teeth can get darker. Age also can play a part and can be responsible for that the teeth are not as white as they should be. Whitening of teeth but can turn back time and get you back to a gleaming white smile.


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