Dental Implants
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Implant Tourism to Germany


Dental treatment in Germany you can rely on


  • Implantation - Surgical Placing of Implants - 3D Diagnosis - SIMPLANT - NobelGuide  
  • Immediate Loaded Implants  - computer navigated implantion - One Day Implants - Teeth in an Hour  
  • Zirconia Implants - Metal-Free Implants  
  • MDI Mini Implants - The ultimative and affordable way to a full denture, fixed by tiny implants  
  • Bone Grafts - Periodontal Regenative Sugery - Sinus Lift   High Quality
  • Removable Dental Prostheses - The telescopic prosthesis - clip and attachment dentures  
  • Dental Fillings - Inlays - CEREC metal free ceramic - treatment without impression in one step only  
  • Metal free porcelain crowns and bridges - Zirconia - Alumina - ZENO - CEREC - PROCERA  
  • Cosmetic Dental Treatments - aethetical restoration - full ceramic - metal free crowns and bridges  
  • Porcelain Veneers for Smile Makeovers - Hollywood Smiles  
  • CEREC / Sirona - Single Visit Dentistry without impression  
  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation and cosmetic restoration  
  • Root Canal Treatment - laser, ozon, microscope  
  • Professional Dental Hygiene - Air-Flow - professional cleanings  
  • Malposition of the Jaw   The Anxiety Treatment - sedation - full anaesthetic therapy  
  • Tooth Whitening - Power-Bleaching



We all know about general dental treatments such as crowns, fillings,bridges root canal and dentures.  But how much do you really know about undreamt-of possibilities like metal free Zirconia, laser oparation, 3D diagnostics, OZON-treatment or computer navigated implant surgery in Germany?   Our CAD-G implant surgeons and dentists  provide tons of information on a wide variety of German dental treatments -- from preventive and restorative care. Bad Breath Therapie, dental fear ( Anxiety ) treatment and painless laser operation are very common in several German dental clinics and modern practices.

A crown, bridge or dentire is the most common restorative treatment worldwide. But what do you know about CAD/CAM milled and metal free restorations? If you have missing teeth, why not think about immediate loaded implants without a boring healing time of three to six months?

If you need a root canal treatment, what do you about microscope use and the need of perfect desinfection? With latest technology this therapy could be more safe and longer lasting.

Panoramic x-rays are a standard in Europe, a ct-scan is much safer, either for dentist or patient.

Do you know the difference between home-bleaching, in-office-bleaching or power-bleaching?   Our professionals would be please to support you with their knowledge and offer brand new possibilities.   Feel free to contact us and ask us, how we here in Germany would solve your tooth-problem.   The high quality of the dentists and the medical staffs are also due to long-term practical experience in clinics and practices in Germany.   Ask for a cost-free, non-binding offer. Test the quality, our friendliness towards the patient, and the reasonable price-performance-ratio.

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